Features of EM

Characteristics of EM

  • Antioxidant : EM’s core function, eliminates active oxygen
  • Antioxidant wave : Strong antioxidant
  • Specific ionization : Prevents the ionization of harmful metals
  • Low molecule : Disassembles high molecular substances, able to overcome limitations in production
  • Eco-friendly : Utilizes benign microorganisms, purifies the environment, safe, clean

Technical Characteristics of EM

  • Popular appeal : Can be applied by anyone with simple training
  • Economic feasibility : Realizes low-cost, high-productivity
  • High-quality : Creates antioxidant materials, increases conservativeness
  • Improved productivity : Overcomes limitations
  • Sustainable : Can be used continuously without side effects

※ Please refer to the resource center or inquire directly to the company for details about EM.