Company History

  • 2018’

    Ever Miracle's corporate identity renewal

  • 2016’

    Won the “Eco-friendly Corporation Award” in the 2016 Korea Leading Corporation Awards

  • 2015’

    Selected as a top company by the Korean Society for Quality Management (Seoul Economic Daily – “Microorganism Medicine category”

  • 2014’

    Acquirement of Sallimi line Eco-friendly certification

  • 2013’

    Expansion into Shilla Duty Free Shops and Donghwa Duty Free Shops

  • Acquirement of patents for the composition of antipruritic containing quercetin and astragalin

  • 2012’

    Acquirement of patent for EM deodorant composition and manufacturing method

  • Acquirement of patent for artificial islands using EM

  • 2011’

    Contract signing of collective monopoly for EM-1 procurement agency’s soil measuring system

  • Establishment of Seoul office

  • Acquirement of patent for the sick house syndrome remover (EM-H) manufacturing method

  • 2010’

    Implementation of the demonstration project to purify the Ulsan Taehwa River and Iksan Wanggungcheon Stream

  • Acquirement of ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certifications

  • 2009’

    Establishment of Evermiracle corporate-affiliated research center

  • Certification as an INNO-BIZ

  • 2008’

    Change of company name to Evermiracle

  • Certification as a LOHAS corporation

  • 2007’

    Establishment of Busan factory and office

  • Acquirement of patents for cosmetics composition and manufacturing method

  • 2006’

    EM cosmetics (Ibome) Lawn supplies (Full Lamu) released

  • 2004’

    Construction of headquarter building and EM manufacturing factory within Jeonju University

  • 2003’

    Selected as a business partner for the Jeollabuk-do Eco-friendly Agriculture Support Business

  • 2002’

    Establishment of EM Korea Corp.

  • Technical partnership and license agreement signing with Japan EMRO

  • 2001’

    Introduction of EM technology by Jeonju University

  • Establishment of the Jeonju University EM research Team, Business Unit